I have been with the IT industry since it was called the age of  computing.  We knew then that computing was going to change our world in a significant way but with little understanding of how profound these changes were going to be. Computing entered my veins back then and have not left me since.

The world have witnessed a number of revolutions since then. One of the latest came with the introduction of mobile phones and their embracement of the IT paradigm. It brought a new way of inter personal communication crossing cultures, borders and  political systems.

I started out as a software developer working with systems software. Eventually this role mixed with database development and sales support activities.  That evolved into information integration and data warehouse development.  With mobile development application on my to-do list.

Latest occupation:

  • IT Architect @ IBM

Main responsibilties:

  • Enterprise application development
  • Information integration and analysis

Strong points:

  • Analyze, structure and present complex problems
  • Broad IT development experience
  • Always embracing emerging technologies

Something I am proud of:

  • Development of data replication application
  • Revamp enterprise capacity management function

Going forward I want to work with

  • Data integration and Business Intelligence
  • Mobile and SOA development
  • Cloud computing