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A ship’s logs is a record of important events in the management, operation, and navigation of a ship (Wikipedia). Follow the logs about exploration and disasters. Read great stories and some of my own stuff. Involve yourself by commenting on the posts. I suggest you start reading about the strange case of Donald Crawhurst and his voyage to the end of the world.

“About” is from the time when I was actually working. It touches on my virtues as I wanted to present them at that time.

“Projects” describes projects I am currently working on.

“On writings” is where I now put most of my energy. It is a mix of great pieces of short stories from masters and my own attempts to enter that space.

“Posts” are fairly long pieces I put together based on public information about interesting and horrifying events.

In all cases I suggest you put in any comments you may have as long as they stick to the subject.

Happy reading and blogging.

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  1. I got materials from books and websites. The Donald Crawford and Mary Celeste posts both have a reference section.

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